CGwall游戏原画网站_Mermaid by NeoArtCore 色彩鲜艳的美人鱼,蓝色的尾巴,春光明媚的游戏场景,中国古风,海底生物

Mermaid by NeoArtCore 色彩鲜艳的美人鱼,蓝色的尾巴,春光明媚的游戏场景,中国古风,海底生物

CGwall游戏原画网站_Natural song 游戏原画角色,美女,竖琴,山涧,山水

Natural song 游戏原画角色,美女,竖琴,山涧,山水

CGwall游戏原画网站_Wood fairy 森林仙女,树叶,绿色,

Wood fairy 森林仙女,树叶,绿色,

CGwall游戏原画网站_Neo Art Core, Last Valentine 绽放的花朵,银色长发,树叶翅膀

Neo Art Core, Last Valentine 绽放的花朵,银色长发,树叶翅膀

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CGwall 2014-03-18

you know, this is a pretty cool painting, but it looks like shes wearing a costume because of where you chose to place the bend in her tail. your reference was probably on her knees but that doesnt mean you cant change it up to push the idea of the image